Coconut, Babassu, and Palm Kernel Allergy

by Martha Mackay
(Dallas Texas)


I got tested by an allergist and found out I am allergic to coconut, Babassu, Palm Kernel, Apricot oil, Avocado oil, Oat meal, wheat, Rice, Barley, Rye, and Malt

I am trying to find a company that sells soaps that do not contain these things. Or please tell me how to make some soap myself that doesn't use these ingredients.

Martha Mackay

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Considering the extent of your allergies, I would suggest sticking with a Castile type soap.

Castile soap contains only olive oil, water and lye.

If you can't find any to purchase, it is fairly easy to make yourself.

Here is a recipe you could use:

Olive Oil - 900 grams
Water - 342 grams
Lye - 115.83 grams

Use the instructions for cold process soap making and be sure to purchase a stick blender since olive oil takes quite some time to reach a trace.

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Allergic to Everything...
by: Cathy

Have you tried using plain Castile soap?

Since it is only saponified olive oil it would be the solution most likely to work unless you're allergic to olive oil as well.

Allergic to everything
by: Anonymous


I am in a situation where I am allergic to every shampoo. I had been tested for allergies and was found to be allergic to coconut but when I try shampoos made with other ingredients I still get an allergic reaction of severe irritation and dandruff.

I have tried both commercial shampoos and ones made on Etsy on the internet which have been made with palm, olive, sunflower seed oil, soapnuts, goats milk, and babassu oil.

I have also tried using just baking soda but after four days of using the baking soda my head was caked grease and my face was braking-out.

The one shampoo I found I could use which also contained coconut ingredients was discontinued.

I even paid $265 to have a formulation done of the shampoo so I could copy the shampoo but the resulting shampoo causes a lot of burning and dandruff.

Besides the physical discomfort and embarrassment I am also having trouble sleeping at night from the burning on my scalp.

I have also been to many dermatologists who all tell me they cannot help.

Besides having allergies to many herbs I am also allergic to many preservatives which are found in dandruff shampoos.

Does anyone have a possible solution to my nightmare?

Not a problem
by: Kathleen Baldwin

I make castile soaps a lot. They are not hard. If you want to check your lye ratios, take ounces of olive oil you want to use and times it by .135 for how much lye you need. Add an ounce or two just to have a bit superfat for insurance. Using pomace olive oil will make your soap trace faster and is considered a better soaping olive oil. However, I just prefer virgin olive oil. It is a matter of preference, I suppose. This would be your ideal soap. Then, near or at trace, add some stuff you are not allergic to that would love and pamper your skin. Adding sugar or honey, for instance, increases the lather - which you may wish for.

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