Buying goat's milk soap.

by Sandy
(Oak Grove, Mo. USA)

I just started using goats milk soap and have had remarkable results with it healing outbreaks on my skin.

But there is a hard solid type bar and then softer consistency bars.

I have ran out and would like to purchase more but I prefer the latter softer consistency bars of soap.

After looking at several online sites to buy this soap, I don't know how to make sure I will get the softer consistency bars.

Can you help me with this please?


Goat's milk soap is any soap that contain's goat's milk and that is a pretty large array of soaps. I'm assuming you are talking about handmade soap since that is what this site is about.

If you've found a particular soap maker that makes a bar you like, I would just stick with that one as each soap makers bars will have a different formulation and it would be pretty hard to tell how hard or soft a soap bar is going to be by looking at it online.

That said, you can look at a person's ingredients list. Normally the ingredients at the top of the list are in greater quantity in the formulation and as you go down the list, the amount of the ingredient will be less.

Typically a harder soap will have higher amounts of one or more of the following oils: coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, palm oil, lard and tallow. Other ingredients can be added to soap to harden it up as well.

A softer bar may have some of the above oils but just not as much and a softer soap may contain higher amounts of liquid oils and may contain castor oil.

A softer soap might also have a higher superfat content but that information may not be in the soap's description.

Your best bet is to purchase from the same soap maker that made the soap that you liked.

Good luck,

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