White Camellia Soap

by Kerrie
(NSW Australia)

I am fairly new to soapmaking but getting better all the time, I finally purchased the oils i needed to make your white camellia soap, the only thing is mine did not turn out white at all. I followed everything exactly. I have found that every batch i make that has avocado oil in it , the batch goes a yucky dark colour. how did you get yours to stay white, did you use TD.

I want it to look just like yours, please help.


A couple of things could be the problem. My olive oil is a very pale yellow and not the green colour often found. This is because I do not use the highest grade. Extra virgin and virgin are great for eating but unnecessary when it comes to soap. When I buy olive oil, I look for ones that say simply 'Olive Oil' on the can. These are usually an A or B grade. Superstore sells it right next to the Extra Virgin.

The other thing is the Avocado oil. I buy the refined Avocado oil which is pale yellow to a light gold colour. No green.

Remember that whatever colour your oils are will directly affect the colour of the final soaps. For whiter soaps be sure to use the palest coloured oils you can find.

I did not use titanium dioxide or white mica in this batch but you could as it will help to whiten up the soap.


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Ahh, now i get it.
by: Kerrie

Thank you so much for your reply, i have been noticing the differences with the olive oil and use the palest i can find, but wasnt aware that avocado oil could be purchased lighter, so i will look for that. I would be interested in using white mica, so will do my research on that first. I look forward to making another batch now. Once again thank you for sharing your recipes and your knowledge, i have really fallen in love with soap making!

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