Whipped Shea Butter

by Shawna
(Brookville, Indiana)

Hello-love your website!

I have a question about the whipped shea butter recipe.

Is it a little runny in the beginning and how long should it sit before using?

Also, what is your recommendation for how much essential oil per batch?

Thank you very much! Shawna


The whipped shea butter should be creamy and fluffy.

The texture of shea butter can vary from batch to batch when you purchase it and this means you may have to make adjustments to how much liquid oil is used in the recipe.

If the whipped shea butter is too runny, leave it to sit for a day or so. The beaters can warm the oils slightly and it should harden up after sitting for awhile.

If that does not work, you may need to add more shea butter to your batch. Try creaming some more and mixing it in. As a last resort, you can add in a 1/2 - 1 cup of sugar and turn it into a scrub for the shower.

This type of product does not need a lot of essential oil and can get too strongly scented quite quickly. Err on the side of too little scent rather than too much.

The actual amount of essential oil you use will depend on the specific oils you are putting into the batch. Spices can only be used sparingly while lavender can be used in much greater amounts.

I suggest mixing your blend of essential oils and adding it to your whipped shea butter in single drops until it is almost the strength you would like. Walk away for awhile and come back later to check the strength of the smell.

Unlike soap, this product can be used as soon as it has been made. It does not contain anything that needs to cure.

Good luck,


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