Whipped Creme Soap...not right for the 2nd time.

by Eve

Attempted to make a batch of W.C. Soap last nite and it has a thick water(sorta)like layer under the foam after it sits awhile. To back up a little: Batch was 8 oz of each: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Soybean Oil at 5% sf. Oh yeah, lye was 10% to make hard bar & 90% to make liquid. I used cp, it went to trace, then I choose to skip the "rot" phase and started to whip it. It was thick and goo. Then I added 7 cups of water and whipped again. It turned to white, beautiful billows of foam. What a joy! Then, a couple hours later it became painfully obvious that it had the above noted layer under the foam.

Anyway, got up this morning and was wondering, could it be re-batched? Maybe saved by adding something natural to thicken this, ex. more coconut oil, cocoa butter or beeswax...the goal has and is to get a true whipped cream consistency!

Here's my plight...and the battle is whipping me(pun intended..lol!) Basically, my problem is that even with due diligence there is basically zero information out in googleland to make this stuff. HELP!!!!!!

ps. Heard there is a group out there who jury other soapers in to learn how to do cream soap. I haven't gone there yet, little nervous as I read a Lady who said they turned her down(she never said why.)

Thanks for you time and Merry Chirstmas.


The group is called CreamSoap and yes they do jury you in.

I think one of the main criteria is that you are an experienced soap maker (BIG emphasis on Experienced). You will be much more likely to get a positive response if you tell them a little bit about yourself and your interests.

As for your questions...as I mentioned on my page about Whipped Cream Soap, I am not an expert at all. I have just experimented a bit with the process and documented my adventure. I found it to be quite fun but my passion lies with CP bar soap making.

Unfortunately I don't know how to fix your batch or if it is even possible. You are right about there being very little information out there on the web. It's practically impossible to find anything.

I definitely suggest contacting the CreamSoap making group.


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