Which grade of oil?

by Mia Berggren
(New zealand)

I am looking at wholesale oil suppliers for good value oils to use for cold process soapmaking. My thoughts are that I don't want to waste money on buying premium, food grade oils unless it will make a reasonable difference to the quality of the soap.

Olive oil; is pomace grade sufficient or does it have to be a better grade? Coconut oil; I have three choices: crude oil, RBD or virgin. Which one? If I use crude oil, could it discolor the soap?


Many people use pomace oil in their soap making but I personally prefer Grade A or B due to it's lighter golden colour and it doesn't trace as quickly. Pomace grade is quite green and often contains very small bits of olive in it. Sometimes chemicals are used to extract that last bit of oil from the olive as well.

As for coconut oil, I'm guessing "crude" means that it hasn't been refined, bleached or deodorized. I would ask the supplier you are wanting to purchase it from. I personally buy Coconut Oil 76 which is probably the one you are referring to as RBD(refined, bleached and deodorized) and is inedible. I imagine you could use the virgin but as you said, it will be quite a bit more expensive and not necessary.


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Coconut Oil
by: Anonymous

WOW, the coconut oil I thought I was buying was coconut oil 76 (solid if below 76 degrees), I buy from the grocery store and it is edible, great for cooking, etc. So when I use the SoapCal I usually select CO 76 for my recipe, has this been incorrect all along? Am I not understanding your comment correctly?


You are using the correct selection in SoapCalc.

The edible coconut oil has the same SAP value (and could very well have the same melting point) as the inedible coconut oil. The only difference that I know of is that it has been refined so that it is edible and is of a better quality.

Since the coconut oil for soap making is cheaper and available in much larger quantities most people prefer to use it.

That said, if you find the edible coconut oil easier to obtain and the price is right, then it makes more sense for you to keep on buying it.


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