What makes your white camelia soap white?

by Debbie
(Orange, Texas)

All my soaps are coming out a light tan color - the only thing I can see I've used that is not in your recipes is lard instead of palm oil.

Is this making the color change? I've read I need to add titanium dioxide to make the soap white? True/False.

Love Love Love your website - it has been a GREAT source of information for me.


You can add titanium dioxide but I didn't use it in the recipe you see on my site.

Your soap should be even whiter if you used lard in it rather than palm oil. Mine is a slight warm white not a cool white in colour.

What type of olive oil are you using? Mine is a very pale/clear yellow in colour. It's a B grade that you buy in the grocery store. Usually is labeled as just olive oil...not pomace or virgin or extra virgin.

It could also be that the coconut milk is being added too soon and is burning a bit? I add mine once the soap has reached a thin to medium trace. This recipe would be more likely around a medium trace since there isn't any scent or colour to be added after it.

Another possibility is the shea butter. I used refined shea. Unrefined isn't as white.

That's all I can think of for now.

Hope it helps,

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