What exfoliants will turn brown in soap?

by Madyson

I'm debating using junniper berries as an exfoliant in my cold process soap but don't want to waste the herbs or time if they will just turn brown.

Is there a list of exfoliants I can use that will not turn brown? Or a way to keep their color?

I see may people use lavender in their soap and its not brown!! How do they do it? I thought about soaking it in vinegar or lemon juice to neutralize it prior to topping the soap with it but didn't want to effect the soap. Any info will help. Thank you


All lavender that has been placed on or in handmade soap will eventually turn brown. To the best of my knowledge there is no cure or way around it.

I do not know what Juniper Berries will do in cold process soap but visit my page on Herbal Natural Soap Ingredients for a list of many other options.


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