What do you think about these?

by Chris Larwood
(Melbourne, Australia)

I am considering buying some travel soap on ebay from hong kong.there are 20 or 30 individual sheets in a plastic container.

The ingredients are.

coconut oleic acid, pearl powder, silicone oil, antibacterial enzyme, spices


Do you recommend these soaps and are they ok for the skin?

alternatively another seller from the UK is selling 50 pieces in a plastic container and they state..

Lifeventure Soap leaves are perfect for travel and outdoors. They lather in both fresh and brackish water AND they’re biodegradable, so not harmful to the environment.


Any thoughts on these two products

Thanks very much

Chris Larwood, Melbourne, Australia


I'm afraid I've never tried either product so I am unable to give you an opinion on them.

Perhaps one of my readers will have used them and be able to give you some advice.

In the mean time, I suggest doing a quick search on the product and the ingredients and if they seem fine, you could give them a trial run to see if you like them or not.


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