What can replace Palm Oil?

by Cuqui
(Tallahassee, Florida)

There are a couple of soap recipes I would like to try that have Palm Oil.

Unfortunately it is difficult to find locally where I live and ordering it online is pretty expensive, is there any other oil that can replace it?

On the majority of the same recipes coconut oil is also incorporated.


There are quite a few oils that can be used in place of palm oil.

Check out the table labeled "Love that Creamy Lather" on my Soap Making Oils page.

You could also use some Crisco (which contains some palm oil in it) along with one of those listed on the link above to replace the palm in the recipe.

Don't forget that you will have to run the recipe through a lye calculator if you change out any oils.

Except, that is, for lard. Lard is the easiest replacement for Palm oil. The SAP value is almost identical to Palm oil and you wouldn't have to run the recipe through the lye calculator. You can replace the palm with the exact same amount of lard.

Good luck,

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by: Anonymous

Makes a superior soap and is much greener than palm oil or soy. Also no GMO's. You need to get a clean source from "grass fed organic" cows.

What can replace Palm Oil?
by: Cuqui

Thank you so much for your promt response!!
I'm going to try your suggestion, I'll let you know how it comes out.

This site is the greatest!!!AAA+++


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