Weight of Oils

by Etedore

I am very new to the Cold Process Soap Making. I've yet to try my first batch, as I am intimidated, however I have all the supplies.

I found a really simple Lye Calculator, however is asks if I a measuring my oils my percentage (which I am, as it's easier for me). Once I click that option, I am asked "What Will The Oils In Your Finished Product Weigh?"

I don't know how to answer this. If I am using a 1 Pound Mold, is my answer to that question 16 Ounces? Or is it something different so I can account for the lye water solution? This conundrum is what is scaring me off of trying....but I am so excited to start!

Please help!


Could you post the address of the lye calculator you are using. That way I can take a look at it and be more able to answer your question.


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by: Anonymous

When it asks for "What Will The Oils In Your Finished Product Weigh? _____ g or oz"

You would put the weight of your oils only, which excludes water and lye and other additives. So if your soap was 1 lb, just tick the oz button and put 16, or tick the g button and put 454.

Lye Calc. Link
by: Etedore

Thanks for the fast Reply! Here is the Link:

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