Wave soap packaging

by Katrina

It's Katrina again from France. I wrote to you about some packaging ideas and like some of the things you proposed.

I have attached a picture of the wave soap so you can get a better idea.

Once again thank you so much for being so helpful.

Kind regards


I now understand your dilema, Katrina. Very pretty looking soap by the way!

I think with this shape of a soap you may have to go with minimal packaging. I think with the pretty pink colouring, I would use a white or pink raffia type twine to tie it like a parcel and have a very nice co-ordinating hang tag tied at the center for all of the information.

Or you could loosely wrap the bars in white tissue and apply a pink sticker label. For display, stack them in a pyramid and have around three unwrapped bars topping the pyramid.

You could try shrink wrapping but that does require the purchase of that type of system and it can be expensive.



One of our readers has reminded me that you can also purchase the shrink wrap bags and use a blow dryer to shrink them. This would certainly be a much cheaper way to get a professional look.

Thank you Debbie for the gentle nudge!


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