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Just wondering....in the tutorials for embedded soap curls and checker board soap you mention that the mould with the embedded objects should be warmed before adding the thinly traced soap. Is this step necessary? If so, why?




Warming the soap embeds and mold may or may not be necessary.

If the location you make your soap in is quite warm and the soap bits and mold are at a nice warm temperature then you do not need to warm them.

If however, your location is cool and the soap and mold are cool then yes, you should warm them.

Through past experience, I found that if the soap and mold are too cool when I pour the new soap, the new soap doesn't gel as evenly. You may get a rim of slightly chauky or ungelled soap around your embeds and the embeds may not adhere very well to the soap base.

Having your soap fall apart around the embeds while you use it is quite disappointing.

As long as the soap embeds and mold are warm to the touch, you're good to go without placing them in the oven. By following this rule your soaps should stay in one piece right down to a small sliver.

Thanks for the question Sylvia!


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Warming soap mold
by: Anonymous

Your welcome!
Set the oven at it's lowest setting...hot enough to warm the mold but not too hot that you can't remove the mold from the oven with your bare hands.

If your oven doesn't have a really low setting, then turn it to it's lowest setting and once it's warm, turn it off with the mold inside.

Your mold will still be warmed without getting hot.


Warming the molds and embeds in the oven
by: Sylvia

Thanks for the reply Cathy! One last question though...at what temp should I place the oven?

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