Volumn of molds

by Mary Ann
(Harlingen, TX. )

What about the water, the formula L x W x H x .40 will give you the total volumn desired but, is that oils only or does that include water/lye too?


No Mary Ann, the formula only gives you the amount of oil needed. The rest you will get when you input the oil quantities into a lye calculator.

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Mold Size and Oil Amount
by: Mary Ann

I have only been making soap for a couple of months, so I've got a lot to learn. Not knowing if how hard/easy it would be to make soap and not wanting to spend big money on molds and expensive oils, I went the cheap route for starters. I bought my oils, lard, and essential oils from the local grocery store. My starter mold was and still is a heavy cardboard shoe box lined with white coated freezer paper. Now I bought a plastic mold for $2.99 from a craft store that is used for making stepping stones. It is 8"x8"x1.5". A good size for a small batch of soap. It makes six 2-1/2"x4"x1", +-4 oz. bars. For this size takes 25.6 ozs. of oil weight.
Needless to say I'm hooked. I'm up to several batches, using different recipies and EOs. Testing the waters so to speak to find what what I like. It's easy and fun. Mary Ann

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