Vegetable glycerin and castor oil

by Regina Niebler
(Jefferson Wisconsin)

Why lately does my CP soaps have a sticky feeling to them after cutting and sitting on the dry racks?

I have noticed this every once in awhile, could it be Vegetable glycerin or castor oil, i'm scratching my head over this, or maybe it's something else..if you could please help me that would be great.Thanks you.


Adding in too much castor oil can make a soap feel sticky. Castor oil is best used in small amounts of around 5%-10% for a regular soap and a bit more for a shampoo bar.

Do you add vegetable glycerin to your soap recipe? Glycerin is naturally created when you make soap so there isn't really any need to add more. This could cause the soap to become sticky if there is too much glycerin in the recipe.

Soap can also feel sticky if they are in a hot and humid environment. Soap is best stored in a cool, dry and dark location.


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