Vanilla Fragrance in CP soap

by Sue

I scented a batch of CP with a vanilla fragrance and I don't know quite what to make of it. I previously made soap with the same recipe and scented it with a citrus fragrance and it turned out beautifully, so I think vanilla is to blame. It was very soft and I had to leave it in the molds for five days before I could remove it and it had a very soft layer of what I think is soda ash on the top. I cut that off and found good soap underneath, although it's various white and brown colors. The edges are still soft and I'm wondering if it will ever harden up into a good bar. Also, I saved the stuff I trimmed off and would like to know if I can use it over.


It is quite likely that the fragrance oil has reacted with the CP soap. This can happen especially if the scent is more for melt and pour applications. It is usually a good idea to always do a small test batch when first using a new fragrance oil.

You may be able to chop up the trimmings into little bits and use them in another batch if the ash isn't too thick. If it is really thick then I would just throw it out.


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Well,thank you so much for the idea..That's very interesting topic.
by: simplesoapmakingguide

Well,thank you so much for the idea..That's very interesting topic.You are probably wondering why anyone would consider making soap by this technique? Well according to Soap Making Essentials, a soapmaker would consider the rebatched process of making soap to use up leftover soap bits, to repair a batch of soap that is short on ingredients or just plain ugly or to economize on expensive essential oils.

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