Using liquid lye solutions

by Anonymous

I am looking for a basic recipe, olive oil and coconut oil , I will be using a liquid lye solution 30% lye concentration. How much oils do I need and do I need to add extra water to my already diluted lye. I will be doing it hp. Thanks for any help. I really can't get my brain round the calculators when using a pre diluted lye.


I really wish I knew the answer to this one but to be honest, I've never needed to use a pre-diluted lye solution so the subject has never come up. I have always used lye crystals because they take up much less space, are easier to obtain here and store very well.

I will post your question just in case one of our readers has an answer for you.

Good luck,

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Using Ready DIluted Lye
by: Jax

I use 30% ready diluted lye. When running your recipe through, tick the circle that says 'Lye Concentration' and put in your 30% (or sometimes you can find 30.5%) solution. Now run your recipe through as normal - the only difference is, when you print it out, you ADD TOGETHER THE WATER AND LYE AMOUNTS and this is the total weight of your diluted lye.

To give an example, put the following recipe into soapcalc:

Palm 1450g
Castor 200g
Lard 150g

Set the lye concentration to 30% and your superfat to 10%.

You will get Water 530.428 and Lye 227.326

So, add these two together = 757.754 THIS IS THE DILUTED LYE TOTAL

Hope this makes sense!



That's a wonderful explanation! Thanks Jax.


Solution calculation
by: Pulunen


I assume you can use some lye calculator. When you get the amount of lye from that, you simply divide the lye amount by 0.3 to get the amount of solution you need.

For example, if you use 500g of olive oil you need 64 grams of lye. The amount of solution you need is 64/0.3 = 213 grams.

You don't necessarily need to add water, but if you want, you can add around 15% of the amount of your solution. In the example above a good amount would be 30 grams.


Thank you so much for lending your knowledge to the site Pulunen! I really appreciate it.

Cathy Winsby

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