Using Kokum butter

by Marianne
(New Jersey)

Can I switch Kokum butter for Palm oil in any recipe? This is my first time making soap and I dont want to mess it up or waste the ingredients. Thanks, Marianne


Hi Marianne,

Since this is your first time making soap, I would suggest sticking to a simple recipe rather than experimenting quite yet. Get the feel for soap making using less expensive ingredients before risking such lovely pricey ones. Once you've got the hang of it, then go for it!

I haven't used Kokum Butter yet but it's soap making qualities are very similar to Palm oil.

Kokum Butter gets is hardness mainly from Stearic acid whereas Palm oil gets it's from Palmitic acid.

You may find it rather expensive to entirely replace Palm oil with Kokum Butter. Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Cocoa Butter can be used and all of those tend to be less expensive. A blend of multiple butters is very nice as well.

Another thing to note...Kokum, Mango and Cocoa butter all have higher combined palmitic acid/stearic acid amounts than Palm oil and Shea Butter.

Too high of an amount of those acids in a recipe can speed up saponification considerably....I once had a recipe go solid within minutes while still in the pot and then within a couple of more minutes it went straight to gel...very scarry.

Don't forget to always run your recipe through a soap calculator once you have changed it. You will need to recalculate the amount of sodium hydroxide needed.

Happy Soaping,

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ABOUT kokukm butter
by: Anonymous

please tel me the procedure for makigg butter from kokum or kokum seed

Cooling Down
by: Cathy

Foam core should keep it really well insulated.

I used to have to wrap with blankets and everything but now in this newer house and with 1/2 inch thick wooden molds with lids I don't need to.

Put it in a draft free spot and keep an eye on the soap. If it looks to be heating up too much, put a fan on it. You can tell if it's getting too hot when the center of the soap starts to heave up and/or split.

Math, not my strong point. LOL
by: Marianne

Hi Cathy, Thanks for the reply. I already have the kokum and mango butters. I just thought I would use them to save me buying some more oils. I was reading the different types of proccesses and was thinking that the room temp sounds much easier and I could do it outside but I was wondering if I have to wrap the soap with the wool blanket? Does it need a special cooling down proccess? I could make a box out of 2 inch foam core. Thanks so much, Marianne

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