Using Goats Milk Powder In M&P soap.

by Kaylah Malice
(New Zealand )

I recently used goats milk powder in some m&p soaps, but found that my soap came with lumps in it :( . Should I be mixing the powder in a little hot water first to make it smooth before adding it my m&p soaps in the future?


I'm not an expert on m&p soaps but I think adding any extra liquid (other than scents & color) to them might make them too soft. I'm also not sure on how long the goats milk will last without going bad if it is added at this stage of the soap making process.

I would suggest purchasing melt and pour soap base that has had the goats milk added to it during the manufacturing process.

New Directions Aromatics in Australia carries a goats milk melt and pour soap base that you might want to try.

You can always experiment though!!! I always do...simply make a thick paste with the goats milk powder...heating the water helps. Then add it to the soap base once it has melted and mix gently but well.

If you plan on using the soaps right away, the length of time they last won't be important since they will be gone in no time. If you plan on giving them as gifts.....I'd stick with the pre-mixed goats milk m&p.

Hope that helps,

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by: Anonymous

Mixing powered goat's milk in MP soaps is fine. Don't mix it with water. Mix it with glycerin before you put it into your MP soap base.

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