Using glitter in soap

by Liz Ellis
(New Zealand)

I am about to experiment with glitter.

I make my soaps in silicone molds and what I need to know is - will the glitter soak into the soap like the lavender buds did when I sprinkled them into the mold first - lordy that looked horrible - diseased in fact - so won't do that with lavender ever again - so will the glitter do that??

The other idea I had was - what if I sprinkle it immediately on the cake of soap when I un-mold it and it's still fresh and maybe a bit soft - soft isn't the right word but I hope you know what I mean - I make CP soap if that helps.

I can't do colours as yet - will do one day - but only when I get the right sort of loaf mold I am after - all I can find here in new zealand is the mica colours which they all say are not suitable for CP and work only in MP - shame - I am going to have to go overseas by the looks of it for colours - I only want red blue and yellow.

I think I can make up most colours from those base 3 - maybe add white later when I finally have it all sorted in my head - so the question actually is now that I am around to it is - is it true that micas only work in MP and not CP and therefore do I have to get the oxides that I seem to be reading about - thanks for trying to help me.



Some mica will work in both CP and MP. You are in luck because Go Native, which is in Auckland has a red, blue and yellow mica all of which work in CP soap. They even post pictures of soap made using the mica.

Check out the following link: Go Native's Colour Page

Glitter will work in soap as well but be sure it is soap safe glitter and not the stuff you buy from the local art supply store.

You can add the glitter to the traced soap just before pouring it or dust it on the unmolded soap depending on the look you are trying for.

Go Native also has sparkle mica that is quite glitter like and a sample pack of all of their colours can be purchased at a reasonable cost.


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