Using Blended Base Oils

by Mimi

I was wondering how blended oils should be run through a lye calculator. I have a 90% canola and 10% olive oil blend. Should this be considered 100% canola (unblended)?

If a recipe calls for 30% olive oil, how can I use this blend to satisfy that percentage? I was thinking that I needed to add more olive oil. Please help. I am really confused about this blended oil. I am going to try the cocoa and shea butter soap recipe found on your website. Thanks!


I believe you will have to do some creative math...dividing the 270 grams of olive oil that the recipe calls for into 90% canola and 10% olive. ie. 243 grams canola and 27 grams olive. Use these figures to run the recipe through the lye calculator to get the correct amount of lye.

Then just pour the 270 grams of your blend...the math is just to get the correct amount of lye for the recipe.

Be aware that I've not soaped with canola myself so I don't know how the recipe will work out using this blend.

Good luck,

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Fragrance Oils - Just an added comment
by: Anonymous

I personally wouldn't suggest using potpourri oils. Most of the oils and fragrances used in that type of product aren't approved or safe to use on skin. So even if it did hold through smelling fantastic it might not be safe on your skin. It could be extremely irritating.

***That's a great point and I should have mentioned it myself!!...thanks, Cathy***

Blended oils and lye
by: Mimi

I suspected that I needed to calculate the blended oils as you have explained it here. Thank you so much!

Fragrance Oils
by: Cathy

Using potpourri oils can be risky since they may not be formulated for use in cold process soap making and can cause the soap batter to sieze.

The chemical process involved with soap making is a very harsh environment for many ingredients and something like a fragrance oil must be made to withstand that environment.

Unfortunately I can't tell you if the scent will last or not...I have no idea.

I strongly suggest ordering the fragrance oils from a soap making supplier and having them shipped to you.


Fragrance oils
by: Alta

I'm also new at soapmaking and would like to know if I can use potpourri oils in my soap. I live in the country an hour from Cape Town and we don't have suppliers for soap ingredients here. We don't have a very big variety of essential oils at our pharmacies here, so I used the Wild Berry flavour of this potpourri oil. It smells lovely, but will it keep it's flavour? Thankyou very much for your website, it gave many answers to questions I had.

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