Using a PVC Pipe Mold for CPOP

by Pam
(Torrance, Calif.)


I have been making soap in wood molds using the CPOP. I was wondering if there is any rating on using PVC Pipe mold in the oven? Would like to make a round bar for a change.
Thanks for your Help!


I'm afraid I don't know anything about oven ratings for PVC pipes or if you can do CPOP with them.

Regular cold process works great though in the PVC pipes. Visit this link for directions on how to make round soaps...just omit the loofah.


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Don't use pvc for cpop soap processing
by: Kate Caterer

I too was curious about using pvc pipe to make cpop soap in the oven, I did some research on the ratings for pvc and the highest recommended temperature for this type of pipe is 140 degree farenheit. It is my understanding that at temperatures of 170 degrees pvc pipe will become pliable. Boy would that make a mess in your oven.

If I were going to try to use pipe to cpop I would use cpvc pipe. It is designed to carry liquids as hot as boiling water which is 212 degrees farenheit. Be sure that what ever CPVC pipe you use is rated for high temperature applications by reading the specifications sheets on the manufacturers website. I would also use a pan under the pipes that is non reactive such as an enamel roasting pan or stainless steel just in case the cpvc expanded or softened from the combination of heat and chemicals. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

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