Using a Food Dehydrator for Soap...

by LaRee

Can I use a food dryer to keep the soap warm for the 24 hours?

I have access to an Excalibur (box style)... just an idea because it keeps the same temp for however long we leave it in.

I just made my first batch of Cold process soap. I did a batch of hot process in a Crockpot a few days before. I didn't read near enough about the CP before trying it, just hopped in with both feet and I think I'm getting chalky soap

Its very cold here so I'm sure it cooled too fast as I had no idea why I was supposed to insulate so I didn't.


The purpose of using blankets to insulate the soap is so that the soap retains its self generated heat a bit longer and so that the soap cools down slowly over a longer period of time.

I have no idea if the dehydrator will work or not...I've never attempted to use one for soap making.

My best guess is to put the soap in the dehydrator until it reaches a full gel and then take it out to cool. I wouldn't leave it in after the full gel since I think the soap would overheat and that's not good. It will volcano if it gets too hot.

As usual in soap making, experimation is something that we have to do on a regular basis. Just be sure to take lots of notes about your process and the results. That way you can duplcate your results consistantly.

Good luck,

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Chalky soap in CP SOAP
by: JanetKay

The chalk may be soda ash, this is naturally occurring residue from the sodium hydroxide saponification process. You can spray with 99% rubbing alcohol to erase the ash. I use a Ex calibur dehydrator to speed up curing time helping to harden the bar. Works well.

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