Used equipment?

by Jack
(Victoria, BC, Canada)


I'm new to soap making and was wondering if buying equipment used is fine for soap making. For example, stick blenders or a knife to cut the soap; should I worry if the previous owner exposed the equipment to peanuts or maybe cut themselves by accident? It seems a bit silly of a question, but I just wanted an expert's opinion before I go ahead and make a batch.

I'm thinking of sterilizing the equipment by either boiling or alcohol/bleach, but perhaps that's going overboard. Better safe than sorry though.

Thanks in advance,


Used equipment is perfectly fine to use for soap making and by all means sterilze the equipment if you like.

I personally feel that a good wash in hot soapy water would suffice since it will be used in an environment that isn't exactly hospitable to germs and such.

As for worrying if the equipment has been exposed to nuts...this would only be a problem if you are allergic to nuts yourself or are planning on selling the soap to people who are. If this is the case then you will have to be extremely careful since fragrance oils may contain nut ingredients and many oils may cause someone with a nut allergy severe problems.

I think most people with nut alleries would avoid buying from a home crafter since the concequences are so severe if any mistakes are made....cross contamination could happen so easily.

I hope that answers you question,

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