Use sour milk

by Nenet
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

Can you use sour milk in cold process soap making? or Can you use expired milk in making soap? If yes will the sourness be there after the soap cures?


You probably could use sour milk in a soap recipe but the question is really whether or not you would want to. The quality of your soap is directly related to the quality of the ingredients you put into it. I think you might find that the smell would still be there after the insulation period and cure time.

I'm also not sure how long the soap would last. Milk soaps seem to last quite a long time but that is when you are working with a fresh product.

If you are trying to make use of excess milk, try placing it in the freezer before it turns sour. That way it doesn't go bad before you get around to using it for soap.


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