Unsaponified middle leaks out

by Christy

One of my first soaps I added an extra 2 ounces of grapeseed oil to the recipe and I already had it superfatted. The next day the outside is hard but the middle leaked out unsaponified still caustic liquid that won't saponify. What is happening? Thanks.


Those extra 2 ounces of oil could make a difference but that depends on the size of the batch you are making.

I used to add in extra oils at trace to superfat but I now I only reduce the lye amount by 5 - 8% to get the superfat.

If the liquid was caustic that leaked out then I think that the batch didn't reach a trace properly. You may have had what is called a false trace. This can occur when using a stick blender and not hand stirring the soap batter down between bursts of stick blending. When the soap doesn't reach a trace and is poured too early into the soap mold, it can seperate back out into lye and oil. If this is the case, you could try rebatching the soap. You will need to used all of the ingredients, including the caustic liquid that leaked out.


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