Two coloured round soaps

by Anya
(NSW Australia)

Hi, I make round soaps in PVC piping, I can swirl the colours OK, but would like to know how to colour the soap with two (2) colours - say brown on one side and yellow on the other side - could someone please explain how this is done????

Thank You


You will need to make a long flat divider that fits down the center of the soap mold pipe. A thin piece of sturdy plastic sheeting that is as wide as the diameter of the pvc pipe mold and about 3 inches longer than the mold is tall.

When you pour the soap (while the soap is still quite liquid and not too thick) you will pour one colour down one side of the divider and the other colour down the other side of the divider.

Once all the colour is in the mold, you will then need to gently pull out the divider.

This will give you a round soap bar that has two colours. You can then get really creative and add a slight swirl between the two colours by gently placing a long thin tool (skinny dowel?) straight down into one colour and dragging it in an "s" pattern across the center line of the two colours.

Another idea is to use a large pvc pipe with a smaller pvc pipe inside it. You pour one colour down the middle of the small pipe and the other colour down in the space between the small and large pipe. Gently remove the smaller pipe. This gives a "fried egg" look that is quite nice.

Hope my descriptions are understandable.

Good luck,

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