Trouble with Goats Milk Soap

by Bee

I am having trouble with my goats milk soap as it completely separates as it gels..I mix my lye/milk mixture with the warm oils at about 110 degrees and have failed terribly..I save it by rebatching it..but its double the work..I measure out everything correctly and I add a tbs of raw honey at ends up an oily mess or it sets and has craters of oil down the center of it..what am I doing wrong?..I use fresh goats milk from a farm and freeze it , mix it with the lye water....its a 3 pound recipe and add 1 ounce fragrance oil at trace..I also don't insulate the mold..any help would be greatly appreciated..Thank You


My best guess would be that the soap hasn't reached a proper trace when you have poured it into the soap molds.

I use a stick blender to mix the soap base to a trace. Usually the stick blender will make the soap batter seem thicker than it actually is.

To be sure that your soap has reached a full trace, use a whisk to gently stir it for a couple of minutes. If the mix is still thick then you have reached a full trace and are ready to add the scent oils.

Scents should also always be added last since they can cause all sorts of strange reactions.

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Found the answer:)
by: Bee

Hi Cathy, I believe I found the answer to my dilema with the goats milk soap..I believe the fragrance oil I am using is causing the problem, I recently made a soap with a different formula and it seized up on me when I added this same scent...thats 2 different formulas with problems once I add the needless to say I won't use it for soap anymore, although it is a great clean fragrance..I will notify the distibutor of the scent of this problem so they can place that info in the product description, hoping it will save someone else from having problems..Thank you

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