Trouble regarding soap embeds

by Stacey

I have a question related to soap that I have made with curls and grated strands of soap. It seems to fall apart when it gets thin. Is there something I can do to prevent this?


Once your soap has become sliver thin, it will likely fall apart if it has embeds in it. I'm afraid there is nothing you can do about it.

I don't worry since once the soap is that thin it is likely to break apart anyway. I just stick the sliver on to the next bar I want to use.

If it is falling apart before it gets sliver thin then you need to make sure your soap embeds are fresh when you make the soap. Also be sure to gel the soap. This seems to bond the curls and the base together.


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Would spraying alcohol help with the embeds sticking better????
by: Shayna

Just a thought that I've heard if you spray the embeds with alcohol before placing them into the soap that this will help them to adhere to the soap better and not separate. Would that work Cathy????


I do know that is the method used for melt and pour soap but I have no idea if it would do anything for cold process soap.

You could always give it a try to see what happens. Experimenting is half the fun!!


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