To Much Coconut Milk Powder?

by Larry Mitchell
(Lafayette, LA)

Can you have to much coconut milk powder? I made a batch of soap using CMP and used more than I should have.

I used 8 oz when I only should have used about 3.5 oz.

My soap bars have cured for 5 weeks and are still soft. I'm only getting about 5 showers before the 5 oz bar is gone.

Could it be that there is to much CMP in the recipe making it soft?


I would imagine that using more than twice the amount of coconut milk powder than you needed would have some sort of effect on the bar but I'm not positive what that effect would be.

I'm thinking that since the coconut milk powder contains quite a bit of fat that this may be the problem. You may have to much free oil in the soap and this is making it soft.

I would certainly try your recipe again with the recommended amount of coconut milk powder and see how the recipe turns out then.

You may want to re-check the recipe you used as well just to be sure that it isn't the problem before making any more soap.

Also check what your superfat amount is. Remember that the coconut milk powder will add to that amount. I usually don't use any higher than a 5% superfat when adding milk of any sort.

Good luck with the next batch!

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