Temperature control

by Mary P
(Dallas Texas)

I read about problems associated with soap overheating in a warm room but have the opposite problem.

I am moving my soap making out to our unheated workshop. It is a very large metal building and we are in a moderately temperate zone (Dallas), however it does get down to the 30's at night.

I have been bringing my soap in after putting to bed fearing it may be too cold to leave out. If I insulate with towels and blanket, would you expect a problem leaving it out in the workshop?


You may find that the soap will have a partial gel or will not gel at all.

Not gelling can be fine since many people like that. A partial gel is a bit of a nuisance.

You could try placing the soap inside a cooler after it has been wrapped in blankets. This will keep the heat in and it shouldn't cool down too quickly.


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