Taiwan Swirl Soap Recipe

Taiwan Swirl Soap

You can't help but notice the lovely array of swirled soaps on the internet these days. The following Taiwan swirl soap recipe will show you how to make one of them.

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This soap was made using  canola oil, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and coloured with oxides and micas.

I intentionally made sure that the amount of liquid oil was more than the solid oil. That gives us more time to work with the soap batter before it sets up.

I also decided to omit scent since my allergies are acting up again but feel free to use one yourself. Just be sure it is a slow moving one. 

For this recipe you will need dividers. You can either purchase them or make them. I made mine from Coroplast which is a corrugated plastic and comes in sheets that you can purchase at your local hardware store. 

The pictures below show the pieces I cut from the Coroplast and how they fit together. They are not perfect by any means and some soap did leak underneath but if you work fast and get soap into each slot, the leaking stops.

Cut pieces of coroplast for soap mould dividersCoroplast Divider Pieces
coroplast dividersCoroplast Dividers

Taiwan Swirl Soap Recipe Ingredients

Coconut Oil  -  180 gr.  |  6.35 oz.  |  20%

Shea Butter  -  180 gr.  |  6.35 oz.  |  20%

Canola Oil  -  180 gr.  |  6.35 oz.  |  20%

Olive Oil  -  315 gr.  |  11.11 oz.  |  35%

Castor Oil  -  45 gr.  |  1.59 oz.  |  5%

Distilled Water  -  270 gr.  |  9.52oz.  

Lye  -  119.3 gr.  |  4.21 oz.

Water as % of Oils = 30%

Super Fat/Discount = 7%

Optional Additives

Sodium Lactate - 1 tsp.

Olive Oil  -  5 tsp.

White Mica  -  1 tsp.

Turquoise soap colour  -  1/4 - 1/2 tsp.

Yellow soap colour  -  1/4 - 1/2 tsp.

Orange soap colour  -  1/4 - 1/2 tsp.

Taiwan Swirl Soap Recipe Instructions

I've put together a little video tutorial for this soap recipe. It's my first one ever so my apologies for the quality...I should get better at it as time goes on!

This Taiwan swirl soap recipe was made using the room temperature method of soap making but you could use the regular cold process method instead if you prefer.

  • Prepare your soap colourants by mixing them with a small amount of olive oil and making sure all lumps have been removed.
  • Weigh out your hard oils and place them into your soaping pot.
  • Weigh out your liquid oils and put aside.
  • Prepare your lye solution and once the lye crystals have fully dissolved pour it over your hard oils.
  • Gently mix the hard oil and lye solution until the hard oils have completely melted.
  • Add the sodium lactate and the liquid oils. Mix with your whisk and then stick blender.
  • Bring the soap batter to a very, very thin trace. The soap will coat the back of a spoon but not leave trails yet.
  • Pour half the soap batter into one measuring cup and divide the rest into three other measuring cups.
  • Add your colourants and mix well. The white goes into the larger batch of batter and the other colours into the three smaller batches.
  • If you plan on adding in scent, do so now. 
  • Follow the instructions in the video above for the rest of the process.
Taiwan Swirl Soap

› Taiwan Swirl Soap Recipe

› Taiwan Swirl Soap Recipe

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