Substitute for Rosemary Extract

by Marianne Minnear
(Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Is there a substitute for Rosemary Extract?

Oh, I love your site, thank you!!!!


Depending on what you are using it for you could use Grapefruit seed extract but it is quite expensive.

You don't really have to use any preservative in your soaps if you don't want too. During the last couple of years, I've quit using them in my cold process soaps and they seem to last quite well.

If it's for preserving something other than soap then you will need to make sure that the preservative you use is suitable for that application.

Rosemary extract is an anti-oxident that helps to slow down oxidation of natural materials. It is used for oil based products and will not preserve them indefinately. It's also not suitable for lotions or creams containing water.

Visit my page on preservatives for more information.

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I just love your site!!!
by: Marianne Mnnear

Thank you for all your hard work and information. I am new at this soap making but absolutely love it; however, I get a bit overwhelmed with knowing what and how to incorporate different oils, colors, textures, etc..., but your site has been a big help. Thanks again. Oh, by the way, the recipe for your patchouli soap does not come up, would you mind sharing - please, that is my favorite fragrance???

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