Strawberry goatsmilk soap recipe.

by Patricia Miller
(Clarksburg, WV, USA)

I came up with a recipe for a batch of soap, but I'm not sure it will work! When i put it in a LYE CALCULATOR I come up with different results! Can you please HELP? I don't want a mess on my hands! Here's what I planned to do.

19oz coconut oil
19oz Olive oil
10oz shea butter (unrefined)
11oz goat milk
7oz lye

5oz pureed strawberry
2-3oz poppy seed
2oz strawberry FO



First off I'll let you know that the method I use for making any milk soap is to add the milk once the soap has reached a light trace. If a recipe calls for 10 oz of water, I will add...say 7 to the lye and the remaining 3 will be the milk fortified with extra powdered milk. This way the milk doesn't burn and produces a whiter soap.

If you plan on adding the lye right to the milk, I believe you will have to partially freeze the milk first to create a "slushy" to add the lye to. This helps to prevent burning of the milk.

I ran your recipe through SoapCalc and came up with similar amounts if I set the superfat to 4.5% and the water to 33.5%. You may want to increase the superfat up to 5% and the water amount to around 36 - 38%. Since you are adding in the pureed strawberries and the goats milk, I think the quantities of both have to equal the amount of water needed. ie. 11 oz goats milk + 5 oz. pureed strawberries = 16 oz. liquid.

I believe this to be true but be warned that I do not soap using fresh fruits or veggies so I'm not an expert on it by any means...I add dehydrated herbs, carotts, orange peels, etc. that have been powdered to my soap once it reaches a light trace.

You should be able to combine the goat/lye to the oil mixture at around 90 degrees. Remember that any milk soap will heat up quite a bit and it can do so very will need to watch that it doesn't volcano on you in the mold. Once it reaches a full gel, you will need to open up the soap to let it cool.

Also be aware that there is some controversy surrounding the adding of fruits and veggies to handmade soaps. Some believe if you puree the fruits and veggies it will be fine. Others say that bacteria still forms and that the soap will go bad quickly. Since I'm not a chemist, I haven't a clue which is true. You may want to research the subject first and decide for yourself.

Good luck,
Cathy Winsby

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strawberry goats milk soap recipe
by: Anonymous

so have you made the strawberry soap yet? If you did how did it work out?

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