Storing Soap Making Oils in Florida

by Nancy
(West coast of Florida)

I live in FL and would like to purchase soap making oils in bulk to save money.

My worry about this is the fact that the heat makes oils go rancid very quickly here. I don't have room in my frig to store such large amounts.

Even on the shelf my cooking oils, etc. go rancid within a month. I have to keep them in the frig all the time. I could put them in a deep freezer but would rather keep the space for other things we need.

Any suggestions?


You could try keeping the soap making oils in a room that is air conditioned but I don't think that would help when it comes to the saving money factor.

Another option would be to purchase a fridge dedicated to storing the soap making oils in but again this can be expensive.

I think that unless you are making really large quantites of soap all the time, you are better off spending the money on the smaller quantites of oil that you can store in your fridge. You may find that the cost of storing the large amount of oils is more expensive than buying small amounts of oils.

If you are having difficulty finding space in your fridge for even the small amounts of oil, you could try getting a cheap mini fridge to store it in.

Good luck,

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