Storing one use soaps

by Rene
(Youngstown, OH)

I'm planning to make several batches of the one use leaf soaps with MP and water soluble paper and package them as wedding favors for my fall wedding. I will be using a fragrance oil...can I start making them now (4 months in advance) or should I wait til closer to the wedding? I'm worried they will lose their fragrance if I make them too far out, but I have a lot on my to-do lists as the wedding gets closer!

Thanks for the project and for the advice!

Warm regards,



Such thin pieces of soap will lose their fragrance quite quickly so I would definitely wait to make them a little closer to the wedding.

In the mean time you can plan exactly how you want them to look and smell. Do a test run with a small amount making a couple sample soaps right up to the finished packaged stage. That way you know how long it will take you to make them and you will know how long the scent lasts.


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