Storing Handmade Soap

by Tamika

I was wondering what's the best way to store and preserve the scents in cold process soap until it's time to be sold?


The best way to store your handmade soaps is to keep them in a cool and dry location out of direct sunlight.

Other precautions can be taken to help prolong the scents in a soap.

Use fixatives (scroll down to the bottom of the page) to help the scent to 'stick'.

You can also wait to cut up the soap log until closer to the time you want to sell. A larger block seems to hold it's scent longer than smaller pieces.

Make sure to use an adequate amount of scent in your soaps. The scent should be a bit strong right out of the soap mold. It will mellow over the next 4 weeks.

I find soaps seem to maintain their scent quite well for up to a year if stored properly.


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by: Cathy


I personally think it's best to let soap cure before wrapping it up.

Water still evaporates from your soap while it is curing and the soap will shrink. T

his will result in the wrapper becoming loose and sloppy and will not help to keep the soaps scent.

Some essential oils will help to prolong scents. Ones that are listed as base notes on my essential oils page.

Kaolin clay does help to 'fix' a scent to soap. Some pink and green clays are kaolin as well.

As for the others...I think they would act the same way since the nature of clay is to absorb moisture. My thoughts are that yes all clays would behave that way to some extent.

Keep in mind that clay has a scent of it's own that may come through as well.


by: Zene Kaye

Will it help if you package your soap before it finish the curing process in order to keep the fragrance longer in the soap. e.g. the curing process is 4 weeks, you package after the 2nd or third week.
Can this be done?

I also want to find out. Will the scent last longer if you use essential oil together with fragrance oil?

Can green, pink and white clays also been regarded as fixatives.(if adding to soap)

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