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by Katie

I am new to making melt and pour soap and was wondering what is the best way to store the soaps oncce they are made?

I have read that they must be wrapped-but I don't know what in. I have also read that they don't need to be wrapped, hense my confusion!


Hi Katie,

Melt and pour soaps should be wrapped to preserve any scents you have added and to help stop the shrinkage that occurs.

A simple and economical solution for someone just starting out is to wrap them in plastic food wrap really well.

A more expensive, though nicer look, is to wrap them in shrink wrap. This method often requires some expensive equipment...shrink film and heat gun. I have heard of small shrink wrap bags made for soap being available but I'm not sure who sells them.

Good luck,

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Does Biolefin allow the scent to pass through?
by: Art Marko

I usually prefer to just lurk, so I hope others don't mind when I chime in with my 2 cents. (Full Disclosure:we are National Shrinkwrap, distributors of Biolefin)

Biolefin is a biodegradeable polyolefin. Typcally, all polyolefins allow the scent of your products through, whether perforated or not. Biolefin, as is the case with all of our soap-suitable films, is also available web-perforated, with a series of pinholes, spaced throughout the film. We originally perforated our films for our goat's milk soapers, who'e bars need to breathe, but many of our soapmakers found it easier to shrink their bars with the perforated films, (the pinholes allow trapped air to escape) and the scent easily makes it through the pinholes.


by: katie

Thank you for your tips, but if I do use that will you still be able to smell the soap through the wrapping?

Shrink Wrap
by: Heavenly Scent Soaps

Several years ago, I purchased a shrink wrap system from "National Shrink Wrap". The system was not super expensive, and I feel it was one of the best investments that I have made. And now, they offer a new polyolefin called "Bi-olefin" which is biodegradable. I'm using that now and I love it.

I go to a lot of craft shows, farmer's markets, and art shows. I get a lot of positive comments on how my products are presented.

So, if you ever do plan on expanding your ventures, I would highly recommend looking into a shrink wrap system.

Shrink Bags
by: Margaret

Bramble Berry has three sizes of shrink bags as well as shrink wrap. They aren't very expensive, but I find it easier and cheaper to use cling film.

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