Soybean shortening

by Becky

I was wondering if anyone out there makes soap with soybean shortening instead of coconut and palm oil. If so, what is the difference between soybean shortening with stearines and that without. Soapers choice has both and I would like to know which works best.


You can use soybean shortening but the soap will have a thinner lather than a soap containing coconut oil. The soap will also be softer since soybean shortening contains much less stearic and palmitic acid.

I would ask Soaper's Choice what they mean when they say it has added stearines...I'm just guessing but I think it might mean that they are adding stearic acid.


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Shortening with Stearines
by: Anonymous

I've asked Soapers Choice via email and by voicemail to explain to me what the stearines do in their soybean shortening with no reply. So I decided to buy the cube. I've soaped at 20% and have found the soap to be crumbly. In my opinion, don't bother with it.

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