Soft soap after 48 hours

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My soap is still very soft on the surface even after being in the mold for 48 hours. Is there a way I can fix this?


Without more details it is hard to tell.

There could be a number of reasons for the soap to be still soft.

Too much water or oil used in the recipe...sometimes we measure incorrectly when making a batch or our recipes are off in the quantities. One of my main recommendations is to run all recipes through a lye calculator before using it (including mine posted on my website).

The types of oils used in the recipe....if too many soft oils are used in a recipe your soap may stay soft. SoapCalc is a great tool to use to see the basic structure of the soap your recipe will produce. By playing with the oils and quantities in sections 6 and 7 on SoapCalcs calculator you can see in section 5 the results those changes will make. ie. generally how hard/conditioning/creamy/etc your soap will be.

I would suggest leaving the soap in the mold for a few more days and then unmolding it to allow the air to get to it better. Hopefully it will have hardened up enough to cut and eventually use.

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Soft Soap After 48 Hours
by: Heavenly Scent Soaps


It could also be that the soap batch didn't go through the gel process - which could make it softer after 48 hours.

I purposely don't gel my milk-based soaps and they tend to be softer in the beginning and need a longer cure time.

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