Soda ash dilemma

by Lili

I have read somewhere that if I spray the top of the CP soap with 91% rubbing alcohol it will prevent white dust appearing. Is it true?

I thought that rubbing alcohol is required for M&P soaps?

I cannot get rid of the white dust. I usually mix lye and oils at 38°C and once I have tried at 40°C and there was no white dust but my soap ended up too dark (lavander buds colored soap grey).

To spray or not to spray?


My suggestion is to give it a try. Many people use the rubbing alcohol and report that it works.

As I've mentioned in other posts, you can also try opening up the soap as soon at it has reached a full gell. Direct a fan on the soap to blow away any evaporation so that it does not condense back on the surface of the soap.


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