Soaps that have undergone gel phase and the one's that didn't

by Len

What's the difference between both finished soap? Looks, feel, quality, texture? Which soap lasts longer and smells better?

I want to try the non gel phase-Do I have to place the mould right after pouring the mixture into the freezer? What shall I cover my wooden mould with? Will the freezing temperature affect my wooden mould? How long shall I leave it in the freezer?

Do you have any photos on soaps that didn't go thru gel phase?

Last question... Do one need a liquor license in order to sell spray tinctures that contains grain alcohol or vodka in Canada?

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I typically gel all of my soaps but I have noticed that once in a while the soap will not completely go through the gel phase and will have a center that has gelled while the outside is not.

The only difference that I have noticed is the colour. The gelled soap is darker in colour. Ungelled soap seems to be whiter and has a more opaque look to it.

I think you will have to use trial and error when it comes to when/if you need to place the soap in the freezer. Each recipe is different and factors like the ingredients, the temperature you mix at, the soap mold used and the temperature of the environment the soap is being made in will all affect how quickly the soap will reach the gel phase...or if it does at all.

You may be able to just leave the soap out uncovered or perhaps just put it in the fridge. Wooden soap molds do tend to hold the heat more than other molds.

Sorry but I have no idea about needing a liquor license to sell tinctures.

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