Soap Wrapping Tutorial

Here's a quick little soap wrapping tutorial for those difficult to package soaps that are round.

We've all tried putting a band label on them which doesn't work very well and I'm sure those of you who have tried to tie twine around them know what I mean when I say...'Argh!'

This method is super easy to do and uses easy to find supplies.

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Round Soap Wrapping Tutorial

Assemble the following supplies:

  • Parchment paper*
  • Self adhesive ribbon (Found at craft stores like Michaels)
  • Scissors
  • Plate (for tracing out circles)
  • Round labels (for ingredients and labelling)

Note* - you can use tissue paper (two layers) or the small basket coffee filters instead if you prefer.

The round soaps used in this soap wrapping tutorial are muffin pan sized and I used a small side plate to trace and cut out the parchment paper circles.

If you are unsure what size circle to cut out, simply run a tape measure around your soap in the same manner as I have added one strand of the self adhesive tape. This measurement will give you the diameter of the circle you need. Remember to make the circle slightly bigger so the paper overlaps and doesn't leave a hole in the centre.

Begin by placing your soap in the centre of the circle of parchment paper and fold one edge over the top.

Move you fingers down the circle a bit and fold it up over the top. The darts pretty much make themselves as you go around the soap.

I found that alternating on each side of the initial fold worked best. Two folds on the right and then two folds on the left all the way around the soap until I was left with one double-sided fold.

I used self adhesive sticky ribbon to secure the paper folds in place. To display the ingredients, attach a round label over the ribbon or to the bottom of the package.

There are lots of options for making this type of soap packaging unique to your product. Try stick on embellishments like paper flowers for the tops. Perhaps monogrammed wax seals or fun buttons. The possibilities are endless and fun to try...the hard part is deciding what look to stick with!

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