Soap went Lumpy

by Sonia


Thanks for your wonderful website I tried to make soap "Basic Vegetable Oil soap" with Olive Oil and vegetable fat. I followed the recipe and but I discarded other oils and used Olive OIl instead. And I tried room temprature as well as cold process and both the recipe turned out the same. Everything went well and I got trace with in 90 minutes of blending with electric blender.
Three days after the pouring of the soap in the mould it didn't turned solid or set. I could see the oil floating on top and in the bottom and only very thin layer of the soap hardened and not even hard enough to hold it in hand but mushy.
I am trying my best to explain what happened but my english is still a little weird. I hope you understand what I a trying to say.
Please help!


In order to help you I will need you to post the exact recipe you used including the amounts of each oil, the amount of water and the amount of lye you used.

Also the amounts of any extra ingredients you might have added like scent, etc.


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by: Anonymous

first time making homemade soap Everything well until I step away for a bit then it got very lumpy

Help! I used 3 cups of water 17 oz of lye 2 lbs of coconut oil 2 ibs shortening oil and 2 ibs olive oil .....I shouldnt have stepped away... it awful....Its in pieces can I save it?

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