Soap volcanoes during cooking stage

by Sarah

I would like to know why my soap always volcanos during the cooking stage?

I sit in front of it to watch it but it happens suddenly.

My oven is a big mess after each cooking. I have a lot of cleaning to do which puts me on my nerves.

Please help. Thank you


I'm not sure if you are using the cold process oven process (CPOP) method or if you are hot processing your soap in the oven...

If you are hot processing the soap in the oven, you need to have the soap base in a large container as it does bubble up quite a bit. You also need to stir it down if it gets too high.

Here is my answer if you are using the CPOP method.

Those who use the CPOP method are usually doing this to jumpstart the gel phase. I'm thinking that your recipe does not require a jumpstart at all.

A volcano occurs when the soap gets too hot so you may need to take away the extra heat you are adding.

I would suggest just wrapping up your soap and letting it reach the gel stage on its own.

Good luck,

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