Soap sticking to small molds

by Mary Ann
(Harlingen, TX)

I have tried using some small clam shells for molds but the soap is next to impossible to remove without damaging the design. I tried placing the soap/mold in the freezer overnight and still it is really hard to remove. I was wondering if I could spray the mold with Pam and maybe that would help release the soap. I haven't bought any silicone molds, trying to go reasonable until I can afford them. What can I do? Thanks.


Hard plastic detailed molds will be very difficult to remove soap from. The flexibility of silicone and specialty soap molds allow you to "pop" the soap right out.

You could try greasing the molds to see what will happen but the grease may saponify (becoming soap) and not leave the soap mold slippery.

Try the freezer again but this time when you take the soap out, leave it until the outside of the soap mold sweats. Then try knocking the soaps out.

Good luck,

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