Soap recipe for baby soap and recipe for liquid goat milk soap

by Zene Kaye
(South Africa)

Hi Cathy

Thanks for your advice on the palm oil. It is much appreciated. I just want to know if you have a very gentle recipe to make baby soap. I will add goat milk to the baby soap in stead of water. I guess I must superfat the recipe with 8%. I was thinking of using the following oils:
olive oil
coconut oil
shea butter
macadamia nut oil (i think the shelf life is short)
palm oil
vitamin E oil(please advise how much Vitamin E oil I can use in the recipe)
Can I perhaps use grapeseed and Sweet almond oil also or what will you recommend will be the best for sensitive baby skin.

And then I also want to know if you could give me guidelines as to what types of oils I can use to make goat milk liquid soap. I also need to run the recipe through the lye calc and indicate that I will be using Potassium Hydroxide. I was thinking of using the following oils: However Jojoba oil from suppliers in SA is very expensive.

Please give me your inputs, making liquid goat milk soap will be a new challenge for me, but I love challenges and also have a passion for making soap!!

Thanks and many thanks for always assisting.

Zene Kaye

South Africa


I don't have a recipe for a baby soap but people often use a castile soap (olive oil) recipe when they want a soap for babies. Olive oil soap is extremely gentle and is very often used for those with sensitive skin.

You could add other things to it but with babies and sensitive skin it is better to keep it simple.

As for liquid soap...I haven't tackled that yet so I can't advise you on it...sorry.

I would suggest getting Catherine Failors book "Making Natural Liquid Soap". It has a ton of information and recipes.

Good luck,

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Liquid Castile Soap
by: Nancy

Good day all, I make liquid castile soap with 100% coconut oil, and it is incredibly gentle. I use this as a base for liquid hand soaps as well as a shampoo base and for face wash, body wash etc. I make this for myself as I have sensitive skin. If you would like the recipe, you are welcome to contact me at : I am based in South Africa, Pretoria. I will share my recipe with pleasure as I know how it feels to buy stuff that does not work like you expect.

Castile Soap
by: Anonymous

Good Day,

We are a South African based company and have a wide range of Castile products. You are welcome to send an enquiry to

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