Soap Packaging

by Janice Lawrence
(Dragoon, AZ)

Coffee Filter Packaging

Coffee Filter Packaging

Coffee Filter Packaging Coffee Filter Packaging

We use coffee filters for packaging our soaps. We use both the reclycled brown paper and white. Both are bio-degradable and look very stylish when wrapped as well as inexpensive. We wrap the bars with hemp string or all natural Yucca fibers from our Yuccas trees out here in the desert.

Janice Lawrence
Red -N Ranch Hand-Crafted Artisan Goat Milk Soaps


Those look wonderful...thanks for sharing Janice!


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by: Jacqueline

Thank you for submitting this great idea. I was trying to come up with a cost effective way to package and store my bars of soap.

inexpensive packaging
by: Anonymous

Another good choice for packaging soap is tissue paper. You can get any color and just use plain or there are printed tissue papers too. I wrap my bar of soap like I would a gift and then use twine around it to hold it together.

Tissue Paper
by: Cathy

Tissue paper can be used but you have to be careful since the colour can sometimes bleed onto the soaps. This usually only happens if the soap sweats causing the paper to become damp which will release the dye.

dry wax paper sheets
by: wallis

dry wax paper sheets (as used by deli and restaurants) make nice wrapping paper, it's more durable than tissue paper, still lets the soap breathe.
Put a thin strip of colorful paper around it and your label and you are set. A box of around 1,000 sheets is about $6 at restaurant supply stores.


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