Soap Mold Volume

by Larry Mitchell
(Youngsville, LA)

Your soap mold formula says to "calculate the OIL" amounts.

What about the other ingredients, such as lye, water, EO's, etc. The oils may total 48 oz, but the total fluid volume may be 70 oz.

Which fluid volume do you use to fill the mold?

You have the MOST informative soap making website that I've found. Thank you for all of the information for us new soaper's!


Larry Mitchell
SOI natural candles
Youngsville, LA

Hi Larry,

When you use the soap mold volume formula (located at the bottom of the linked page) it takes into account the amount of water. The rest of the ingredients aren't enough to worry about.

I've never had too much soap for my soap mold using this formula unless I add too many soap chunks/curls/bits, etc.

Once you know how much oil is needed in your recipe, decide on which oils you want to use and then input the numbers into SoapCalc.

SoapCalc will give you your lye and water amounts and you're set to go. The total volume of soap will fit into your mold.

THANK YOU so much for the compliment about my site being informative. That's the goal I am trying to achieve. Soap making can be quite confusing to start and the more information you have the better.

Good luck and have fun!

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by: Heavenly Scent Soaps

I agree with Larry, your website is a GREAT resource. I LOVE your recipe for beer soap and have made 3 batches with it, so far. All have turned out wonderfully!

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