Soap mold size

by Steve

I have found some great recipes except they are for 40 bars at 4.5oz and I have two molds that have space for 18.

Is it possible to divide the saponified batch between the two molds or do I need to use a lye calculator and figure out how to decrease the size of the batch form 40 to 18?

Thanks for your time and patience with a newbie.


You certainly can make any size batch of soap and pour it into various molds. It would be good to have some extra containers as well just in case the soap base is too much for your 2 18 bar molds.

That said....It's always best to know how much soap fits into your soap mold. This formula (scroll down to the bottom of the page) makes it easy to formulate and adjust recipes so that they fit perfectly into your specific soap mold.

The formula figures out how much oil is needed in a recipe for your soap mold. Once you have that knowledge you can adjust recipes you find easily using Soap Calc.

Good luck,

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